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That Mirror’s Edge 2 trailer was mouth watering.

That trailer was goddamn beautiful. Morrigan and Varric? Flemeth waging war? Fuck yes!

Wait, why is there a Need For Speed movie? Just…..why?

I was going to skip watching EA’s conference, but then I remembered that there’s a possibility of showing things like Dragon Age 3, Mirror’s Edge 2 and some information about whatbthe hell EA is going to do with the Star Wars exclusivity rights they got.


Some grunge designs of the Mass Effect logos. From 4 to 9, this was all I did today.


The Citadel


Paragon Interrupt

Renegade Interrupt


Systems Alliance Navy

Systems Alliance Marines

Anybody want an extra ME3 Normandy SR-2 avatar prop?

I’m getting the N7 edition of ME3, but I already won an SR-2 from a facebook thing last month, so come tonight, i’ll have a code for another but without a need for it. So, the first person to message me saying they want it will get it sent to their askbox when I get home from the midnight release.

Finishing up my last ME 2 playthrough to get ready for Tuesday.

Finishing up my last ME 2 playthrough to get ready for Tuesday.

All of this hooplah over the DLC and talks of boycotting is very laughable

Where do I begin? Firstly, people think that the content was cut from the game. Well, guess what? 


You obviously don’t know anything about the game development process. Don’t believe me, look at this screencap from Casey Hudson’s twitter:

So anyone who says otherwise doesn’t do their research, doesn’t know about the development process, and is misinformed.

Secondly, people seem to forget that up until recently, it was going to be exclusively for people who got either the physical collector’s edition. The thing I don’t get is why people weren’t pissed about that.  If it wasn’t put on the disc when it went to big-fixing, it obviously wasn’t as important to the story as people think. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure BioWare knows more about their product than some random crying fans on tumblr. Maybe that’s just my opinion.

Thirdly, let’s talk about the call to boycott. That’s just really ridiculous. Most of the people saying they’re going to boycott and are going to cancel their preorders are probably lying, and will be the same people posting about how awesome it is come launch. That’s just how the internet works. I’m sure there will be some that do go through with the boycott. To be honest, what is it going to prove to EA? You and I both know the answer, so i’m not going to say it here.

I don’t know about you guys, but I ain’t boycotting a damn thing. You keep your boycott. Me and my 360 will be swaggin’ out with an N7 edition of Mass Effect 3 and a Prothean squadmate.

P.S. You’re more than welcome to send hatemail. I’m just going to make fun of you about it. I can post whatever the fuck I want on my tumblr.

I think I might have submitted the best pick up line for the ME 3 Mission Command

The line I submitted:

How about you and I go to Azure so I can get a better look at your Azure.

I think it’s hilarious.